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03-15-2007, 09:33 PM
So I am doing things to get my boat in the water soon and I am following yearly maintenance stuff and I need to Clean the fuel tank pickup and lubricate the steering system. I have a 93 PS.

Fuel Sending Unit:
I am at the step of removing the fuel pick-up hose from the tank so that I can remove the sending unit. I cannot for the life of me get the hose off. I can rotate it around the brass tube thingy but I can not pull the hose off because the brass tube thing is ribbed or something. Anyone have any suggestions?

Floorboard Removal:
The next thing that I cannot seem to figure out is how to remove the floorboard so that I can gain access to the steering system to lubricate the shift and throttle cables.

I see the screws (4) behind the engine cover that hold the floorboard down. Then I see the hinge that the cover is attached too. When I unscrew the screws for the hinge they just spin and spin as if there is a nut holding them on. I cannot see to verify this. Since I have the (4) screws already removed from the floorboard, can I just pop the flooring out? I don't want to pry the side of the floorboard and mess up the carpet or board. So just being a little cautious here.

Any thoughts on these 2 topic is GREATLY appreciated.


03-15-2007, 09:45 PM
Hose, slice it along the axis of the tube with a utility knife from where it ends on the fitting to over the barb. You may have enough excess to reinstall it after cutting off the sliced section, if not, buy new hose.

Cover fasteners, if you tilt the motor cover back you should be able to access under the floor board from inside next to the transmission. Maybe you could pry the cover up as you are unscrewing the fasteners to release them.

03-15-2007, 09:48 PM
I just took the engine cover, rear floor board, and gas tank out of my 91 PS, I am guessing that the screws holding the engine cover are stripped out, take a chisle or flat screw driver and as you turn the screw give a little upward pressure and see if you can catche the threads, reach your hand under the rear floor and see if there are nuts on the hinges as they may have used a bolt and nut vs. a screw. The rear floor just lifts up. It was snug but came out with a little pull.

On the gas tank issue, remove the brackets holding the gas tank in place, and slide it out a bit, this should give you leverage to pull the hose off of the fuel pickup. I had to remove the gas fill cap by removing the 3 screws holding it to the stern. This allowed me to twist the inlet hose up to remove it from the tank. If this will not work get out your wifes/girlfriends hair drier and heat up the hose a bit. Hope this helps.

03-15-2007, 10:06 PM
I took my floorboard and engine cover out as a unit. Unscrew the 4 floorboard screws and remove the snaps from the end of the gas struts to free them from the engine cover. Take the whole thing out as a unit. It's heavy.

03-16-2007, 07:05 AM
ok guys.....thanks a lot. I will try those techniques. I truly appreciate the quick responses!!

I will post back when I am successful. May attempt this this weekend but I will post back to help others

03-16-2007, 09:00 AM
I took my floorboard and engine cover out as a unit. Unscrew the 4 floorboard screws and remove the snaps from the end of the gas struts to free them from the engine cover. Take the whole thing out as a unit. It's heavy.

This is how I did it on my '93 and just left the screws out. The cover fits pretty snug and does not move. The screws only tap into fiberglass, so I can see how they could strip out very easily.....not very robust IMO.

This also makes it very easy to check your stuffing box for leakage while you are on the water.

03-19-2007, 08:14 AM
So I got to the sending unit by removing the brackets holding the gas tank in place. Disconnected all hoses except the outside intake one and rotated the tank to gain full access to the unit. No problems. I did have to slice the hose to free it. There is plenty of excess so no worries. Thanks for the pointers.....Mash - I will be doing your trick this week.

03-26-2007, 09:17 AM
So I got to all the lubrication points indicated by using the technique Mash described by removing the 4 screws on the floorboard and the brackets to the struts for the engine cover. I straddled the back of the engine looking towards the bow and reached for the floorboard and pulled it up along the exhaust hoses. Just slid it up far enough for me to get in there and apply grease.

Worked great.

Thanks Mash!