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02-28-2007, 11:08 AM
this movie is running in the background.....forgot how funny it was

Major Payne: You like the way I handled them white folks back there?
Cadet Williams: Yeah.
Major Payne: You like a black man to handle things?
Cadet Williams: Malcolm X.
Major Payne: Let me tell you something... I AM NOT YOUR DAMN BROTHER!

Major Benson Winifred Payne: [on the rained-out obstacle course] Move it, you turds! You'll get no sympathy from me! You want sympathy, look in the dictionary between "spit" and "syphilis!"... You there! Tell Marlee Matlin's son to get across that rope before I hang him with it!

Woliger: Achoo!
Major Payne: What the hell was that you little freckle face cartoon? Did I give you permission to sneeze, Opie?
Woliger: No, sir.
Major Payne: Then you hold it before I kick your *** back to Mayberry.

Major Payne: Killing is my business, and business is GOOOOOOOD!

02-28-2007, 11:46 AM
Payne: What's so funny, boy, did you find a piece of candy in your pocket?

02-28-2007, 12:22 PM
love when calls them "turds"