View Full Version : "shaped" or regular trainer skis?

Kevin 89MC
02-21-2007, 02:36 PM
I taught my 6 yr old daughter to ski last summer on a pair of regular child skis. :D They will be too small for her this year, so I will be getting a bigger pair. I've seen both regular shaped skis and the wide-tip skis, and wondering what to get for her. She used a pair of wide-tip skis once last fall and liked them, but probably because she was getting too big for the little skis.
I originally thought that the wide tip skis would be better. Recently, though, I've thought that I'd at least attempt to get her interested in traditional slalom, and I thought that maybe it would be best to stick with a traditional ski. She's on the boom now, but I hope to get her on the long line this summer.
I skied on a shaped ski when they first came out, and no offense to those who like them, but I couldn't cut on it at all.
I know the shaped ones are easier to get up & cruise on, but (selfishly) I'd like to see if she might enjoy course skiing, and think traditional skis might be better.
Any thoughts?

02-21-2007, 08:06 PM
I can take my wife's connelly Mid-SX 15off at 30 mph. That's enough performance for her. To me, there wouldn't be a 2nd choice. I love the shapes for non-hard-core slalom. I say, get her a shaped ski & when she's ready, get the next level.

Besides, since she'll be going slower due to the larger surface area, the falls won't hurt as much. The skills are all the same, it just doesn't require as much of each skill.