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east tx skier
02-16-2007, 03:05 PM
On ocassion, I get emails regarding certain things that can't be organized here on Team Talk. Let's just call them "water sports related communal retail discounts" (or as the French would say, "Grouper l'Achat"). Okay, group buys. There is, as you all may know, a strict no group buys policy on the forum by which we must abide.

In the past, I have received messages from people seeking to organize group buys or notifying me of group buys on other forums. I have always referred whoever was asking to what we have come to refer to as "the list." But given the typical sort of emails we receive from "the list," I was thinking we might want to have another email list specifically for the aforementioned announcements or similar boat/water sports related announcements, discounts, etc. that the participant wouldn't be afraid to open at work.

These announcements will be water sports and boat related and logical extensions of that topic. The email will be sent out as a BCC (blind carbon copy) so that the various addresses will not be visible.

So if anyone is interested in having his/her email on this list, please PM me your email.

Also, if you have any water sports or boat related announcements or the like, don't hesitate to PM me. For instance, if you are looking to organize an event or get-together like MagMania, you may use the list to do that. There is also the thing mentioned above, which must be organized away from this forum.

Have a great day.