View Full Version : Prop on 2002 PS209

02-10-2007, 02:18 PM
I just bought this boat late last fall and was only able to use it twice before hibernation. I previously owned a 93 205 and it had an OJ 13x13 prop. I naturally assumed the 209 would also have a 13x13 since its a 1:1 direct drive with the 310 hp engine.

I looked a little closer and the castings show that its actually a 13x14 OJ prop. Its got plenty of punch out of the hole so I'm perfectly satisfied with it. I guess I'm just curious more than anything. I'm asking those of you with this same setup if your boat came from the factory with the 13x13 or 13x14?

The previous owner of this boat was a wally who only pulled his kids on tubes and a kneeboard. He confirmed that I was the first person to ever slalom behind it when we test drove it last fall. I'm wondering if the dealer knew how he would use the boat and set it up this way prior to delivery?

02-10-2007, 04:49 PM
My 2003 209, MCX, 1:1, came from the dealer with a 4 blade OJ Nibral 13x13. I run this as my all around prop for slalom, barefooting....

If I am going to take out a boat load of kids who want to wakeboard and surf, I run an OJ XMP 13x11 3 blade CNC prop. It kills the top end and sucks down the gas if you are skiing but much better for surfing and boarding.