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01-12-2007, 11:54 AM
Just wondering, any suggestions to a fair asking price for these two boats:

1. 1981 s&s deluxe (padded motorbox, black dash, square windshield) excellent stringers, Powerslot approx 1800 hrs. 1990 heads, normal interior wear (including seams coming apart). rough metalflake (gelcoat has worn off) good decals (no stars missing) No fiberglass damage (except worn from beaching good bumper rail. new lights, tires/wheels, wires, winch, paint, bunks on trailer (with 5 pin harness), orig 351 pcm & slot transmission, 3 blade stock prop. Very good condition for age comparable to other 81's. blue flake, white hull, white orig font decals.

2. 1979 s&s with round windshield and textured top fiberglass, Brand new stringers, floor, $1,000.00 spent on drivers/observers seat. New custom made pylon (stock location, size and height), new carpet, new decals and stars (1980 font) new paint on trailer (stock wheels decent tires) new lights, wires, winch on trailer., pcm 351 approx 750 hrs orig. Motor was cleaned, primed, painted, new chrome ford racing valve covers, timing gearset and chain, all new belts, lines, and hoses, blower, bilge pump, drain plug installed in center of bilge behind pylon, rebuilt holley 4160 carb, 1:1 velvet drive transmission (20 hrs rebuilt). 1" shaft reworked, new strut bearings, 3 blade stock prop. rough blue metalflake stripe with offwhite hull. No major fiberglass damage, except worn from beaching also. I also plan on having new red metalflake sprayed and gelcoat on stripe. I know that I will probably not get back my parts and labor in this boat.

I am thinking about buying a newer boat and unfortunately, have to sell these two to get it. I live in southern VA and have not listed these to sell. I am asking for suggestions for a good starting price to list them at if I choose to sell.

Thanks for your help,


01-12-2007, 09:52 PM
What do you want for the 79? I dont need another one but..........

PM if you want to