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01-07-2007, 10:52 PM
I recently did some work on my bilge pump. I believe it is a standard type with a motor unit that connects to a base housing - the housing is mounted to the hull by 4 screws.

In my S&S the bilge access is just forward of the pylon and a certain amount of water collects at that point - it cant drain away to the bung hole because of the pylon mounting, and there is a residual amount the bilge pump cant pickup.

At a certain point I removed the base housing by undoing the 4 screws. I then heard a plip-plip noise and saw bubbles as water disappeared into the the hull through a couple of the screw holes. I didnt think it should do this...

Where is this water going, and is it a worry? what to do?

btw it is summer here and I have done 14 hours since the 1st Jan.

88 PS190
01-07-2007, 11:25 PM
its just in the screw holes.

If you can tilt the boat back on the trailer and blow the water out with an air hose, get the area dryish.

then get the mount back in, and put some marine sealant around the screws to prevent water intrusion... if you have time let the fiber dry out there.

01-08-2007, 08:55 PM
Thanks for the reply.

Quite a bit of water went down those holes, more than you would expect for screw holes. I would have blown it out immediately, but I dont have a compressor at the lake. What I did do was grab a can of crc and use the straw to blow crc into one of the holes - I saw bubbles and sludge come out of one of the other holes :eek:

Im not sure if that crc trick was a good idea, but it seems clear there is a bit more opened up underneath my bilge than just the holes. That being said there is no obvious sign of bubbling, weakness or anything else - just the disappearing water. There was a remnant of silicon around one of the holes, and one of them was stripped - the screw wouldnt bite - it seems someone has worked on this before.

Im planning to blow all the holes and seal them up as you suggest, including a fatter screw for the stripped hole but Im still keen to know if this looks like a major concern.


07-30-2007, 02:47 PM
Hi, I have the same question. I was replacing my Mayfair pump (3-hole pattern) with a Rule (4-hole) and after removing the old pump water kept coming out of the screw holes. I put several piles of paper towels down to soak up the water and it finally stopped. When drilling the new holes I noticed the floor panel is only about an 1/8" thick there and then goes into an opening. Does anyone know if water that seeps down into this opening is allowed to run out somewhere? I can't see where it would go but know there is some space below the floor where the pump mounts and the bottom hull of the boat. I seem to remember that any water which collects under floor on the outsides of the stringers can run down to the back of the boat and get back to the center. I am just concerned about how much water could collect down there ????