View Full Version : Extended Warranty 3+3

01-06-2007, 03:49 PM
I recieved a letter from MasterCraft about an Extended Warranty for my X-1. It would cover my boat & trailer until the year 2012 and is transferable. The only problem I have with it is that corrosion is not covered.

Has anyone purchased this Extended Warranty? And if so, what has your experience been with claims?

01-06-2007, 03:53 PM
I purchased it for my 2007 X2. The reason I bought it is that I plan on having this boat for a long time and I think if there are any repairs needed that it will pay for itself. I had a 2006 X45 that had to have the transmission replaced and if it wouldn't have been covered under teh warranty it would have cost me several thousand dollars. Hopefully I'll never have to find out if the extended warranty is worth it.