View Full Version : Tee into heater

12-06-2006, 08:55 PM
I'm sure this is covered somewhere but hopefully I can get a quick answer. I have a heater and I am always brainstorming to make life easier on flushing and rust prevention inside the motor (closed loop coming but after christmas).

I placed a Tee with waterhose fitting at the intake manifold where the valve to secure the hot water to the heater is. I have a old fat sac pump that I placed a piece of garden hose on and connected to the newley installed Tee and filled a five gallon bucket up with water and placed pump in and started and water started to come out of the dripless packing gland as it should. (I think I'm starting to answer my own question).

In short should I be placing the Tee at the valve or on the return line so I can go backwards through the heater and return into the manifold? Maybe remove knock sensors and see if water starts to come out? Any help would be great!