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12-04-2006, 08:32 AM
Picked up my new to be 1991 PS190 Mk2 at the weekend and the trailer bunks need replaced (rotten). I plan to use it over Christmas so I don't have time to take the boat off the trailer in the workshop and replace them. Plan is to make them up then swap over when the boat is in the water for an afternoon. I've measured them up, and they're 2 inches wide by 3 inches high and are chamfered to match the hull of the boat. I can only measure the chamfer angle at the end where they stick out past the end of the hull (15 degrees ish), but obviously the hull profile changes across the length of the bunk. Question is are the bunks matched to the shape of the hull or are the the same profile over the whole length. Anyone have the profile? It would be a real pain to have to lift the boat off to make new ones!
Cheers for any advice

east tx skier
12-04-2006, 10:11 AM
I think the trailers changed slightly in 92, but having replaced the bunks on my 93 205 trailer, I can tell you what we did. My bunks were 6"x1.5"x12' if I recall. With the boat in the water, we removed the old bunks and used them as a template to mark the holes on the new bunks. We drilled small pilot holes and installed new stainless steel carriage bolts, which were pounded into place with a mallet. We then carpeted the bunks. The first layer covered the tops and sides of the bunks only. The second layer wrapped over the first and was attached to the bottom of the bunk using stainless steel staples.

We also ground down the rust on the trailer, primed and repainted. We added to the existing angle irons to forma T so that if/when they eventually rusted out, we'd have a new set ready to go.

Getting the bunks on the trailer can be tricky because there's a twist so that they will match the hull countour. The back bolts set in easily. We used a come-along to get the middle and front bolts into their supports. We used nylong lock nuts and washers to fasten everything together. Were I to do it again, I'd have used double nuts and locking washers as you're less likely to turn the carriage bolt if you avoid nylock nuts.

Good luck.

/sorry I don't have anything on paper as far as the trailer layout.