View Full Version : anyone have the "sleuth" channel on TV?

Upper Michigan Prostar190
12-01-2006, 10:42 AM
We jsut got direcTV at work, and they have the Sleuth channel. Now let me tell you, I have got more 80's CHEESE served up on a daily basis than you can shake a stick at. we have been tuning into the A-team and Knight Rider everyday. :rolleyes: Its like a train wreck.....you just have to look. My gawd, how could I have thought that stuff was cool at age 11. Nothing in this world is cheesier than the "turbo boost" on KITT. it could leap about 200 ft and sustain any damage on the landing. of course the car was bullet proof, had a grappling hook, would drive 206MPH in the desert, and never get dirty or dusty. :rolleyes:

and every episode of the A team was the same. They spring Murdock from the nut house, hannibal dresses up in some stupid disguise outfits and smokes ciagrs, Face man flirts with the damsel in distress, and Mr. T hollars "dammit hannibal, you drugged me, put me on a plane!":mad:

ahh, the 80's:o