View Full Version : New interior and paint - need help!

11-24-2006, 11:38 AM
Earlier this year I purchased a 1990 PS 190, the day before I wrote the cheque, a massive hail storm did a number on this boat. The sellers insurance is stepping up for a whole new interior, including carpet which has lead me to do a total on the outside as well.

The help I need;

Rub Rails, I would like to remove them. How do I start? are the rails held in place with screws or rivots??

Lifting the boat, to spray the entire boat the shop has asked me if the front and rear lifting anchors are capable of supporting the entire load (including motor) or if they were there for the manufacturing process?

Carpet, in the floor there are two removeable sections of flooring, the one in the rear is easy, the one in the front proceeds under the spotters seat and has the ski pole through it. To remove this section it appears that the pole needs to be removed. How is this done??

As always, thanks for the help ..............Reg

11-24-2006, 11:58 AM
You should be able to get to the pylon nuts through the ski locker. Loosen them and the pylon will lift out. The rub rail may have either screws or rivets, depending on whether it had leaked or was repaired/replaced before. There are other threads covering rub rail installation/repairs here on this site.

How bad is the hull? You may be able to just polish/wax it unless there are gouges in it. If you must spray it, the lifting rings and bow eye will support it but I wouldn't leave it hanging for too long. They're really there so it can be lifted onto the trailer and strapped down. The bow eye is more for securing to the trailer only. Besides, if the boat is hanging from straps, there will be areas that the spray won't cover so if it was mine, I would shoot the lowest part of the hull first, let it cure and shoot the remaining upper parts after, so it's not hanging.

What are they going to spray the hull with? If it's gel coat, it'll never look like a new MC boat since they have to sand it smooth and then polish, which is not the way MC makes their hulls. They may do spot repairs that way but the molds are polished, then sprayed with gel coat before the fiberglass is laid up. There is minimal polishing and/or sanding. Gel coat is porous and once you go past the outer barrier coat, it becomes hard to keep it looking good.

If they're using paint, DuPont Imron is one of the best but even that doesn't like to be in the water full-time.