View Full Version : Warped glove box lid 92 PS 190

11-12-2006, 12:02 PM
The lid to my glove box is warped or cupped. I removed it and allowed it to lay on a flat surface with heavy weight on it for a week or so but it had no effect and remains curled.

I'm not sure of the material it's made of. It kind of feels like acrylic or plexiglass and not FRP.

I may try using some heat on it to encourage it to flatten out but I have my doubts.

Anyone have any experience with this problem or working with this material?

Not sure if this part is available. If it is plexiglass, I may be able to get one fabricated locally.

11-12-2006, 12:51 PM
Clean it really well, remove the lock and if it was just a flat piece of plexi, lay it on a clean cookie sheet in the oven at about 175-250 degrees for 5 minutes, or so. Let it cool in that position until it reaches room temperature. Depending on the plastic, it may need to be hotter. Google for plastic forming and/or Plexiglas properties and you should find something. Otherwise, if you have tools and are good with them, you can make your own for a few bucks.