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10-27-2006, 04:23 PM
I think this has been brought up once before, I think on the Nicholls forum. How about a glove exchange?

I go through two pairs of ski gloves per year because the left hand gets shredded every couple months while the right one is perfect (I'm RFF, right palm down). Thus I have at least 4 near perfect right gloves - Masterline Masters Curves, size L, two are the 2005 models (red/grey/white finger tips) and two are 2006 models (grey and blue). I'd gladly part with a couple of them to get a couple matching lefties - figure shipping in the exchange would be a wash for both parties and for that minimal amount you could save the $50/60/whatever for a new pair just because one is trashed. I formerly used the Kevlars but they bunch up in your palms and are generally hard on the hands. I like the Masters Curves with kevlar liners beneath - much better feel on the handle and the lack of durability is the price I pay for that. I think gloves and handles are disposable but two pairs and a handle each year gets old. That's easily a couple tanks of boat gas.

Even if you don't use the same size/brand/model that I use, throw yours up here as well. Maybe it will work for someone somewhere.

88 PS190
10-27-2006, 08:42 PM
I switch with my two LFF brothers.