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10-13-2006, 12:54 AM

I've got an '01 205V and need to run a new heater hose around the bow, any idea how the bow parts are held on? I can see the bolts on the side parts except for the very front of them towards the bow light. The one I really need to get off is the one with the logo, are they just "christmas tree" push ins? I'm reluctant to really pull/pry without knowing if there are threaded fastners holding it. If they are bolted, how do you get them off? I've attached a pic of the bow.

Thanks very much in advance for any replies.

east tx skier
10-13-2006, 10:42 AM
Might be little plastic clips like the combing pads on the older boats. Might be through bolted. My front cushion is the same way and life would be easier I think if I could get it off there to route stuff under it.

BUMP for you.

10-13-2006, 11:15 AM
Can't you just pull the bow seat base and reach up there to run the hose? I ran several wires around mine and that is the approach I took, but my boat is different.

east tx skier
10-13-2006, 12:12 PM
I think you can, but wear long sleeves and watch out for fiberglass splinters.

10-13-2006, 12:21 PM
Can't you just pull the bow seat base and reach up there to run the hose? I ran several wires around mine and that is the approach I took, but my boat is different.

Assuming it's the same set up as my X-1, the answer is no. It's too tight to get a hand up there or even look up there, and yes you will get some nasty splinters if you even try. I tried to run my stereo remote up there and there's no way to get there.

Regarding the cusions, the big ones on the side are bolted on. The front one uses the cheap christmas tree plastic clips (at least on the bottom). I know that because they're won't hold on mine due to the holes they drilled being too large. I'm assuming the top part of it is bolted, as it seems to be holding.

Kevin Hickey
10-13-2006, 03:58 PM
I have the same question on my '05 PS 197. Someone (believe it not) stole the bow light off the boat. I have replaced the light but I need to remove that same cushion with the logo on it to access the wiring for the light. I have been unable to date to find out how it is removed.

10-13-2006, 09:00 PM
On the 00' model it's held by plastic clips common in automotive pannels (like little x-mas trees). I would start by pulling the bottom tips towards the speakers. Under the pannel there will be a circle cut out to access the bow eye and light.

10-19-2006, 07:48 PM
I don't know if this will work, but I think it's worth a try. If the old hose can be pulled out, take a piece of string and attach it to the old hose then attach the string to the new hose and pull it back through. Or if you can get a piece of pipe, PVC or copper, that matches the inside diameter of the original hose connect the old hose and new hose together with clamps or zip ties and pull the new hose through. Just a thought.
Good Luck!!!!

On second thought Clamps or zip ties might get hung up or pull out some wiring. May be able to connect old hose to new hose and tape together with duct tape or electrical tape. That should be smooth enough not to get hung up.

10-22-2006, 12:33 AM
Well as kskib046 said it is held on with two "christmas tree" plugs on the lower legs and then "L" brackets at the top. Took the speakers out and used an inspection mirror to see what held it on. Here is a pic with the bow cushion removed. Sorry for the crappy quality it was camera phone (all I had at the time) You can see the two holes for the christmas trees as well as the L brackets and hole.

Thanks for all the replies.