View Full Version : Catch in my steering

10-03-2006, 01:55 AM
I posted this at myMasterCraft hoping Mike has the answer and thought I'd post it here as well just in case anyone else can help.


New cable is installed and it fixed the stiffness we discussed, thanks for the warrantee help. One thing it didn't solve is, when exiting the course, I turn slightly to the left as the skier pulls right to drop. As I turn back to straight and power off to settle, I feel a catch in the wheel. The rudder linkage looks fine and I lubed the rack and pinion when I installed the new cable. I thought I might have a bad tooth in the pinion so I took off the rack and rotated the pinion 180, still have the catch. Had the catch with the old cable as well. My '06 rudder is filed for load and, as you recommended, the filed leading edge has been smoothed and rounded. The catch almost feels like it's in the helm, ever heard of that? Shouldn't the 180 of the pinion corrected it?

I'd like to call you to discuss more but I thought I'd post just in case anyone else has had this issue.

2003 PS-197 TBI