View Full Version : Winky Blinky - Check engine help

10-01-2006, 10:50 PM
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these things, or pulling codes out or just any expierence with check engines. My check engine light remains on when the boat is RUNNING along with the buzzer untill i turn the boat off. from my understanding, that means i have a stored code(s). I went to Rhinda and bought the winky blinky "codemate" to pull the stored code(s) and with my great luck, i get NOTHING AT ALL! I plug the codemate into the DLC, turn the ignition on, then turn the code mate on. It SHOULD flash code '12' three times (flash, pause, flash, flash) THEN flash the trouble code(s) IF there are any present which I'm 99% sure I have codes stored. So yeah, when i turn the codemate on, it does nothing at all. The LED just stay's lit and does not do a single thing. Any ideas?

00 xstar w/ LTR 330 (vdrive)