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09-30-2006, 05:33 PM
Good afternoon all

A question on surge brake systems, I have a 94 prostar 205 with a tandem axle trailer. The issue is the brakes are dragging constantly and on long steep hill descents the brakes heat up and smoke. We had new brakes installed and still the same problem exists. I had the boat winterized and they we're supposed to check the brake issue but they told me to take it back where the work was done. That about 450 miles away so that option really doesn't appeal to me to say the least! I called the repair facility and you get the same song and dance that they are set up to OEM standards!! They say there must be an obstruction in the hard line that won't allow the brake cylinder to work properly my question is why wasn't that detected when they supposedly bled the brakes. I should also mention on our 2 nd. stop to get this resolved we burned up a wheel bearing. I jacked the trailer up this afternoon and the rear's turn much easier than the fronts. suggestions anyone? I'm at a point that some repair shops are idiots!

10-03-2006, 03:49 PM
ok, from what i can see, you have brakes on all four wheels and they are drums... you can try bleeding the brakes yourself. also, check the adjusters to make sure they aren't too tight and even for all wheels. as far as the wheel bearing, i would say they didn't pack it correctly, use the correct grease, or over tightened the nut (you have "hub caps"? bearing buddies? w/ covers?). your boat/trailer also sits level when you are towing, right? that could have an effect on braking... just some thoughts...