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09-01-2006, 11:11 AM
This may take some explaining and I may get some of those smiles with the rolling eyes and stuff but it is pretty fun and with the broad reaches of the members of this site I think we can do a pretty good job "hunting". The idea of the game is to take pictures or "shoot" an ugly car. The way my friends and I play is we pick a car every year and then have a best of the best year end party. Last year was the year of the Hemi. Not this new Hemi BS, I am talking about the late 70's into 1993 when Dodge made the best lookin' (see also ugliest) truck on the road. The idea was to shoot, bag, or trap the Hemi, then as with all good trophies in hunting, there is a story to go along with it. I have attached a picture of a typical Wisconsin Hemi that I shot last December. This monkey is a rusty beauty. I found it outside Dick's Tap at 7 in the morning where the owner was presumably consuming a Pabst. I am particularly fond of the spot on bodywork that has been done to conceal the rust on the door and rear fender, what a cream puff.

You see this can be fun. This year we are onto Camaro's and Firebirds Pre 82 (yes UMP the Smokey and the Bandit era). But that is just us. I think it would be fun for the team talkers to go after all ugly cars and tell the story. But I think there needs to be some rules. First no internet finds. I only want real deal ugly cars that you drive past and say what the "H" was that. Like last week I was in Tennessee and I saw an El Camino, which is Spanish for "The Camino", towing a 5th wheel airstream camper. It was a work of art. Second there has to be a story to go along with it. Do your best to embellish, make it entertaining. Last and certainly not least, be careful people. Some of these owners are very protective of their cars. I for one have been chased in a Wal-Mart parking lot after shooting a Hemi. So go get 'em