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08-30-2006, 11:20 PM
I recently moved to an area that does not have DSL or Cable for internet service. That left me with three choices, dial up, satellite or a wireless PC card. I chose the Verizon PC card. I have been extremely impressed with the service. I live on the fringe of the broadband signal and bought an amplifier and antenna and have had great success. My dowload speeds are anywhere from about 450 Kbps to 700 Kbps. Upload speeds usually don't get over a 125 Kbps.

I have been contemplating getting one of these PC cards for my wife's work laptop also. However here company has been slow to respond as to if they will allow it to be installed on her computer. Instead I now found a router that will work with the PC card and her VPN, her VPN is what prohibited us from getting satellite. Now we will have a wireless router that is connected to the internet via a PC card.

I found this to be a great solution to anyone that is in an area that doesn't provide DSL or Cable. Price wise the initial investment is a little steep if you need to get the antenna, amplifier and router like I did. But if you just need something for one computer or need internet on the road it is amazing. My total cost is broken down below.

Kyocera KPC650 Card - $19.99 with 2 year agreement (Normally $199)
Amplifier Kit - $199
Yagi Directional Antenna - $79
Top Global MobileBridge MB8000 3G EVDO Router - $799

There are cheaper wireless routers out there, $279, but they don't work with VPNs. So the $75,000 I saved by buying a house in the middle of nowhere cost me about $1100 to connect to the internet. If anyone is interested in details of this let me know. I have spent about a month putting this system together and doing a lot of research along the way.

08-31-2006, 11:23 AM
Side note:
You should be able to open the port to allow the VPN to go Secure.

I too use a verizon air card. MAN OL' MAN they kick Arse