View Full Version : Replacing Ring gear and drive plate

08-28-2006, 10:59 AM

I am about to replace the ring gear and drive plate on my 1989 Pro star with a Windsor 351 Indmar engine.

I have spoken to Master Craft UK and they think I will need a 157 tooth ring gear but can anyone confirm this as they did not sound to confident.

Also any tips from anyone who has done this would be greatfully recived.



08-28-2006, 11:27 AM
157 tooth is the correct ring gear for that flywheel. A machine shop will have to replace the ring gear as it is pressed on. Removing the transmission is straight forward. You will need to support the engine with blocks because you will taking the rear mounts off with the transmission. Once the engine is supported, you remove the transmission mounting bolts and nuts. I believe there are 6 total. 2 long bolts on the top and four nuts mid and lower. There will be 4 long studs obviously that allow you to slide the transmission off/on with relative ease. It is very heavy and bulky, say 50 kilos, so have a friend help. The damper plate(drive plate) is held on with 6 small bolts, very easy to remove.Removing the flywheel will require an impact wrench to remove the bolts that retain it to the crankshaft. Good luck!