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08-08-2006, 12:12 AM
I'm spending more time working on my MC than I am skiing behind it. Fixed speedos, hr meter quit working. Pulled dash found loose ground wire, fixed problem. Next outing the heater (accessory toggle switch) doesn't work and sends fuel guage and volt meter into a tizzy when I turn the switch on. Fortunately it didn't affect the skiing. Pulled dash tonight hoping to find another loose wire (from previous dash pull), but no. Everything in tact. This is what I've found.

Ground at battery is solid, resistance to engine block from neg battery post is .000. I have 10.94 volts at back of the toggle that runs the heater blower. Switch on or off, doesn't matter. Red indicator light still works, as does the amber. If I turn on the nav lights, they work, but turning them on pegs the fuel guage. Found the in line fuse for the neater toggle and it is fine. Went to the circuit breaker panel and nothing there to help me. I haven't tried hot wiring the heater to see if it is the issue yet.

Has anybody chased this demon before. I sure aprreciate the benefits of lessons learned.

08-09-2006, 11:06 AM
going to answer my own post, in case someone does a search on the topic someday. Found the problem, or problems. In line fuse has a short in it, fuse is fine but if I bend the wires just right the fan shuts off. I evidently bent it just right putting my dash back on. Spliced in a new in-line fuse. Additionally, by pulling dash on and off to solve problems, I ended up with a loose ground connection on my fuel guage. Needed volt meter tester to figure it all out. My grounds had continuity, but when palced under load they became energized, and of course weird things happen. I simply pinched the blade receptor to increase the friction and snapped it back on. All is well. I hate having things that can become loose so easy though. I am thinking of soldering these grounds onto the blades. Servicing would be more of an effort, but at least they won't come loose if you take a jar on a big wake.

I have seen several threads about electrical problems, and a lot of advice about loose grounds. If you have things mysteriously quit, or if guages start bouncing and acting weird, always start with the grounds.