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08-07-2006, 02:21 AM
I have a 1994 225 VRS 350 TBI. The engine misses at WOT. I can typically only get 3600 rpm's at WOT. I changed the rotor, dist. cap and plugs (AC MR 43 LTS) yesterday and tried it today. I was able to get 4400 rpm momentarily, however, I decreased the throttle and then increased it but could only get 3600 rpm again. The engine has a definite miss at WOT. I put the transmission in neutral and ran it at WOT briefly still only 3600 rpm.

My engine temperature is very cold (barely registers on the gage). Could this be a EFI Phased Warm Up Issue? I pulled the thermostat thinking that it might be stuck open. I put it in a pot of hot water and it opened and closed. I only have one thermostat it was located in the upper triangular shaped housing. There was no T'stat in the lower more conventional looking T'stat housing. Should there be two thermostats?
As the day went on the engine ran consideribly worse (no power, back firing, low RPM's).

When I did my tune-up I noticed that one of the injector wires was being crushed by the flame arrestor. I moved the wire and tried to bend it such that it would clear the flame arrestor. The wire was very stiff. Could I have broken the wire? Is this what is causing the poor performance?

Where do I connect an engine scanner to the harness?

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08-07-2006, 08:22 AM
Did you change the plug wires when you did the other electrical components?