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08-03-2006, 06:18 PM
Bear with me on this novel I am about to write...

This saturday I was taking the college group from our church out to the lake for our annual lake day. I got my 92 Prostar190 (with only 371 original hours) off the trailer and idled over to the dock. Once at the dock, the engine stalled. I tried to start it again but it wouldn't start unless I had the throttle about half-way on. Then all of a sudden I hear a clacking noise on the port side of the engine. I turned off the engine immediately. Figured I was done for the day and put the boat back onto the trailer by people power. (Good luck for the Boat Buddy!)

I went directly to my local MC dealer because I have family coming into town next week and wanted to get the boat fixed right away. After a 2 days, I get a call from the service manager....

He took the valve cover off and the spring clip for the valve on cylinder 5 was laying there. However, the valve was not there. He was able to determine that the valve fell down into the cylinder and the piston smacked the valve a couple times and a chunk of the piston broke and was not in the cylinder.

He gave me 2 options....
Option 1 - Rebuild that part of the engine. Need to replace the piston and rod, hone the cylinder and anything else that goes along with that. Assuming there wasn't any more damage to any components, he gave me a rough estimate of $3500-4000.
Option 2 - He called Indmar and a replacement 351 Ford engine would be $5100 for the engine and total cost after replacing it would be approx. $6500!

Both of those options seem really high to me. Any opinions or other options as to what I can do, would be really appreciated. My boat has always run well, and never had any problems. No one has ever taken the valve covers off, so we have no idea why the valve clip came off. Any ideas how much this should cost to fix? The dealer said that they don't do the engine work, and would have to farm it out to an engine shop in town. So I am wondering if it would be better for me to farm it out somewhere other than the dealer!


T Scott
08-03-2006, 06:40 PM
I'd shop it around a bit. Sounds high to me. Although it is a boat, the engine is not "new technology". Any decent mechanic shop should be able to assist you in the rebuild. I'd get some estimates form local garages.