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08-02-2006, 02:38 PM
22-month old baby loves to water ski

August 2, 2006

MENOMONIE, Wis. --You may have to look twice, but yes, that's a baby water-skiing on Tainter Lake in western Wisconsin. Twenty-two-month-old Cole Marsolek of Menomonie took up water-skiing last Wednesday on a training ski.

Since then he has skied everyday and only fell once, said his mother, Lissa Marsolek.

"He absolutely loves it," Lissa said. "He popped right up the first time. He is a little showboat, waving to everyone and blowing kisses at people as we go by."

The parents' Mastercraft ski boat travels slowly, pulling his training ski, which is shaped like a sled.

Both Lissa, 26, and her husband Chad, 31, have water-skied since they were children. Lissa started at age 3.

"It's a little in Cole's blood," she said.

Before learning to ski, he was taught by his parents to float with a life jacket and hold his breath. He is not allowed near the water without his life jacket.

Cole has great balance and someone is always on the back of the boat if Cole falls, Lissa said.

When asked what the boy wants to do, he says, "Ski, please." He also is able to say "fall," and when asked if he is ready to ski he says, "Go," his mother said.

The couple also has a 5-month-old daughter, Kinsey, but she hasn't started skiing yet.


Information from: Leader-Telegram, http://www.leadertelegram.com/

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Workin' 4 Toys
08-02-2006, 10:17 PM
I saw that on at lunch today... I have to wonder if he can swim, if he falls with one of those lifejackets on, some kids go feet side up....:(

Then I was trying to figure out what kind of boat he was behind, didn't look like a MC....