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07-31-2006, 11:40 PM
I have an 86 with a 351 and 4160 carb. Last year we replaced the coil, cap, rotor, points, condensor, wires and plugs. During the year the boat would stall when slowing down after it warmed up. End of the year, couldn't get it to start.

This spring, replaced the points, starts fine, runs a little rough. Replaced the plugs, still a bit rough at idle. Took it out and after warming up a bit, would again stall when coming to idle. Then can't keep it running, lots of throttle work and jambing into gear quickly. Once it cools down, runs ok. Pulled the fuel tank, drained it, cleaned, put fresh gas in it. Same thing. Checked the tanks vent line by suggestion, same thing. Replaced the filter in the fuel seperator unit mounted under the engine on the passenger side... (is that the only filter?).

Thought I'd live with it awhile... then new problem. Cruising at tubing speed, it just died on me. Couldn't start it at all. Ended up getting towed home.

Decided to rebuild the carb, never done on this engine and 20 years old. Got the rebuild kit, spent the day doing... what a job. Couldn't find "float" settings for that 4160 so called Holley and they said, just turn them upside down and make sure float is level. Did that.

Got it on the boat with a new spacer to keep it cool, took it out, seems to have corrected the warm engine slowing down stall issue. Ran for about 30 minutes at 2000 rpm, slowed down several times to neutral, no stalls.

Decided to try faster run, got up to about 35 (use to hit about 40) then suddenly felt a hesitation. Backed off a bit, round 3000 rpm... then more hesitation (like hitting something.. which I didn't) then rougher engine to full stall.... AGAIN!!! This time started right up. Ran it back up to around 3000, started again and stalled out again.

Not sure if the engine is starving for fuel or getting too much. Hard to see while driving and bouncing around.

Not sure where to go. Going to call Holley again but wondering if I am having a fuel pump issue seeing how I had this happen BEFORE the rebuild and after the rebuild with new floats. Hate to drop $80+ on a fuel pump to find that wasn't it.

Leaving for a week on Lake Cumberland in 12 days, running out of time, any suggestions? Help!!!!

08-08-2006, 10:55 PM
Could you let me know if you solve your problem.
I have an 87 PS190 with a 351
I am having the same stalling problem - when slowing down to idle the engine quits, start with lots of throttle and jambing into gear to get it back to the cottage. Huge pain, had everything changed as well, still doing it. I had another mechanic drive it for 6 hrs and of course ran fine, as soon as I put it back in the water (on my lake) and ran it for 20 minutes, idling through a canal(no wake area) it stalled and would not idle!
Doesn't go over well when I am trying to drag the kids around the lake all day skiing, wakeboarding and tubing.
In need of some suggestions???

08-08-2006, 11:03 PM
Well, not sure what corrected that portion of the problem... but here are some things I did....

- Rebuilt the carb
- Replaced the anti-siphon valve (it's at the top of the gas tank and looks like a hose barb)
- Replaced the fuel/water seperator filter
- Replaced the fuel pump.

Still experiencing some stalling at high speed (35+)... starving for fuel.

The interesting one out of all this was the anti-siphon... I couldn't believe how bad it was plugged up.

08-09-2006, 12:14 AM
I would definitely like to know what the cause of your issue is...my 88 190 started cutting out at about the same speed. Having the carb rebuilt and fuel tank cleaned. Hopefully that will end it. Keep us in the loop as your situation progresses...good luck!

09-18-2017, 11:13 PM
I just sold my 86 with 454. Never really had any issues with it myself, although we only skied 2-4 sets right in front of my dock. New owners are having similar issues described above. Replaced carb, pump, lines, removed the anti siphon valve. Still same problem. Replaced entire ignition system as well. Were there any fixes?

09-27-2017, 10:48 AM
Did you replace the fuel filter between the separator and the carb? its up on the Port side near the oil filter / capacitor area.

09-27-2017, 11:01 AM
When I had this problem on my old 351 I disconnected fuel line from tank and put it straight into a one gallon can to eliminate the tank ystem completely. I still had the problem. The in line filter was clean.

I also ran with air filter off carb and could see fuel pumping into carb at higher speeds. My problem turned out to be an unserviceable HT lead from Coil to Distributor. I just borrowed a friends and it fixed instantly. Even though your have fitted new leads it might be worth checking again.

The other symptom I had was that it would rev highly when in neutral and the problem only arose when boat in gear under load.

Good Luck