View Full Version : Tried out a New to Me Board...2004 Obrien Shapiro...small fins? long question...

07-30-2006, 09:01 PM
Actually its a OBrien Demented, I believe.

Little background, started wakeboarding about 13-14 years ago of so, about middle school. Towards the tail end of the skurfer era and towards the begining of the Hyperlight single tipped boards. Upgraded to a sweet Hyperlight 95 Shaprio, with the flames. Made the switch to a twin tip about 3 years later. Was never beyond a rec boarder, but wasnt a complete slouch either. Parents sold the boat, stopped going wakeboard. Flash to now, 27yrs old, still have the Wake Tech 69, cheap little half boot things, step up from bungys, have a nice Rainbow fin on the back, carved and edged good. Got back out this year after about a 5yr drought, just like riding a bike. Again, nothing serious, still just a rec rider popping the wake, etc.

Bought the Demented and strapped it on today. Has 4 LITTLE fins, two on each end. Not sure what my problem was, but I could not keep it on a serious edge without it sliding from underneath me....not enough to fall down, but enough to really prevent me from accellerating into the wake. By the end of the day I was getting a little better, board has a TON of pop compared to the 69.

Now is this just user error with the board sliding out and not keeping a solid edge into the wake? Should I look into buying taller fins? Is that even an option? I love the way the board popped and just exploded, but sure we be nice to carry some momentum and edge into the wake!


07-31-2006, 08:53 AM
You just need to put in some time on the board and get used to it. Each board is going to ride different especially going from what you had to what you have now. Riding a pro model board you are going to have to learn how to ride like the pro that designed it which will take alot of practice. Once you practice edging and get that down you will be able to progress so much faster than riding your old board. Yes, you can get any size fin that you want, they all should be interchangeable. I have always been told to use the smallest fin that you are comfortable with. I was thinking about buying the board that you are talking about, keep me updated on how you end up liking it.

08-02-2006, 11:21 PM
so sunday night i bought some Chorome Dome Industries Pharaoh 1.7 fins. Only two. I'm not much of a spinner, yet. HUUUUGE difference! so much control of the board now, love it! tons of pop, dont even have to try, great fun now!