View Full Version : Help! E-bay charges are killing me!

07-23-2006, 01:24 PM
I listed my wifes car for sale on E-bay back in Febuary. Paid the $42.00 fee for the ad and photos, and they are still charging my credit card to this day. WHY? I can't seem to find any answers on the E-bay site as to why or how to stop it. Any ideas?:mad:

07-23-2006, 02:31 PM
It's because you are so special!

07-23-2006, 04:29 PM
I would consider canceling the credit card.

07-23-2006, 05:28 PM
tell the card company you're using that the card's information has been "compromised"................................... http://deephousepage.com/smilies/banana.gif guaranteed to make them stand up and listen

Workin' 4 Toys
07-24-2006, 12:24 AM
You paid the listing fees before the listing, are you sure the new fees are the selling fees that come after the sale?
Have you been getting billed the same amount for the last 5 months in a row?

07-24-2006, 06:48 AM
After having a go-round with e-bay for double-billing.... We paid it after the collection company kept after us. You can't ever speak to a human there. If you ever do - they really don't care.

The government needs to take down the Ebay Monopoly.

I'm kidding, of course :D

well - mostly :rolleyes: