View Full Version : Shout out to Team Mastercraft!

07-18-2006, 01:44 AM
After joining team MC, we never recieved our actual "team card" etc. We got all of the free gear, towel -YEA!-hat etc... We wanted to go to PWT in Portland, but didn't know how to order free tickets etc.

We e mailed through the regular Mastercraft site, got a reply immediately with a phone number to contact. We eventually got the phone number of Aarne (MC Team and Event Manager) who hooked us up with tickets to the event and seating in the reserved Team MC area provided by the Portland dealer. We were more than well taken care of, Aarne even made sure to stop by and say hi to us, and made sure that we were enjoying the event. It was great to talk to a factory guy about MC and how great they are. We even scored some driving instructions from the SE sales manager for MC, and wakeboarding tips from Zane Schwenk.

The Portland Dealer went all out with the Team MC area and really made it a great experience! We were able to get front row seats to the event, met a ton of riders! (Andrew Adkison even gave me a Happy Birthday wish on a poster) Got my nephew a SWEET new Hyperlite board from AWS and had it signed by all of the Hyperlite Riders for his birthday and saw Rusty nail the first place position.

Parks and Shane Bonifay signed a ton of gear for us, it was awesome!

If you are anywhere near Reno for the next PWT event, and have any interest in Wakeboarding, you should GO!!!!!! Some of the most spectacular riding you will ever see. More importantly, anyone who has spent time with athletes would be shocked at how personable and nice these riders are. They go out of their way to say hi to strangers, they thank you for thanking them, are extremely polite to everyone, and sit and sign stuff forever. (between rides) (oh and by the way lots and lots of babes):D :D

We walked into the event with Danny Harf, Rusty, Sean Murray and watched them interact with the crowd. It was amazing. Pro sports could learn something from these guys.

Thanks Team Mastercraft for such a great weekend! We will return next year with friends!:cool: