View Full Version : Amp in protect mode ... Is it fried?

Doug G
07-16-2006, 11:09 PM
So a huge roller crested the bow of the X-30 that rolled up the front seats and windshield and put 3" of water on the floor until it drained down and bilged out. (So I am told, I had just dropped from riding and didn't see it happen) After a lot of cleaning the only casualty seems to be the amp. The protect LED is on solid and the power led pulses from dim to bright and I hear a clicking with the pulsing. Water definately got in to the area and the front speakers definately got soaked. So after a day of hot sun and airing / drying everthing out we are still in that mode. Any of the audiophiles know if it is trashed or could it be a speaker problem? The manuals say it is in thermal protect but I know it isn't overheated.

07-26-2006, 08:59 PM
The internal themal protect switch or a fuse is blown. The only way to know is either to send it to the factory or open it up and look for a fuse that is blown. Most factories are pretty resonable on repairs but amps are pretty complex and really hate water and it may be best to buy another. I feel your pain and lost one the same way also, so I mounted it hight the second time. Good Luck.

1999 Prostar 205D