View Full Version : New HP Rudder in 2006 X-30

Hornet Pilot
07-12-2006, 01:43 AM
I have a 2006 X-30 that originally came with the standard rudder. I got and installed the new 2006 HP rudder (easy install) because I was a little disappointed in the turning performance. The first, and only time thus far, I had the boat out with the new rudder it performed outstanding. Turns were quick and very responsive. A huge improvement over the old rudder. One problem is now I have to hold the steering wheel constantly. If I let go the steering wheel for a second, the boat turns full hard (and quick with the new rudder) to the left when accelerating or slow and to the right when fast. There is a happy speed when the boat will not turn hard in either direction. With the old rudder, the boat would track straight and required a little effort to turn the wheel. With the new rudder the boat turn effortlessly, but will not hold course when letting go the wheel, except at that one speed. Anybody have a similar problem?

07-12-2006, 07:38 AM
Same problem with my new rudder on my '03 230VRS. I have been filing the right-side trailing edge of the rudder a little at a time to try and eliminate the pull to the left. It's still there, but getting less noticable.

I think the fact that the rudder is offset from the prop shaft may have something to do with the pull too. I may also try a different prop, as mine is a 14X20 stainless OJ. Looking to get a CNC prop from ACME.

07-12-2006, 08:18 AM
I don't have any pull either way, but I do have to hold on to the wheel too -- the wheel will fall off to either side if I let go.

IMHO it's a function of the rudder geometry. If you look at a comparison of the two rudders, the new one has more rudder area in front of the pivot (rudder post). At speed, water flow hitting the front of the new rudder will have a tendency to push the rudder further and faster into that turn. IOW, too much forward rudder area results in a little too much steering counterbalance.


I'm going to try moving the steering cable attachment to the inner hole on the tiller arm. I do note that the new tiller only has one attachment point, but I left the old tiller in, which has two. Mine is attached at the outer hole and that longer moment arm results in less steering force.