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07-31-2004, 09:11 PM
I have read some of the other posts on the old site regarding this issue. Someone mentioned that there were 4 places with a grease fitting -- 1 at the rudder, 2 at/near the pivot point and then a 4th at the steering helm. I found the 3 in the aft but I cannot see a grease point on the helm. Does the '88 model not have a grease fitting there. After greasing the 3 aft locations, steering is still difficult to the point it cause my should to hurt after a while. Is there another fix to this? I've never replaced a steering cable but this may be my next project. Would someone happen to know a Telex (or some other) part number for a replacement cable?

But I also liked the installation that Brian pictured with his '95 PS190. If all else fails, I may replace my cable system with a rack system like Brian. Would the same parts work for an '88 model as did on the '95??

Thanks (great forum!)

08-03-2004, 12:48 PM
I have a 89 and I have not seen a grease fitting at the helm either. If you take the cable out it should have the length on it or just measure it and buy a new one. If you go to rack and pinion you may have to do a little fancy saw work under the dash to fit the rack. It shouldn't be much though. I was going to go with a rack on my 84 but decided against the added work. That one I had to replace the helm anyway because I couldn't find a cable that would work, so I still had to do some cutting.
good luck. :steering:

08-11-2004, 09:26 AM
Just for a followup on what I discovered...

Well, I decided to replace the cable and remain with the standard helm, however, when I bought the cable I went ahead and bought the entire kit that included the cable and helm specifically for that cable. Turns out that the replacement helm has a much longer rod that extends and connects to the steering wheel. The existing helm has no real extended rod but has geared splines that match with the rod coming from the steering wheel. I have not seen an easy way to use the Teleflex Quick Connect cable with my existing helm unless someone has a suggestion. Looks as though the match splines on the steering wheel rod will not match to the half-moon key on the rod of the new helm so I may need to buy ha new steering wheel as well.

If anyone else has done the same project, I'm open to some suggestions. I've not yet totally removed the existing wheel yet to fully examine my options.