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Dash and Guages
Resto the dash, this year was cosmetic, next year will replace/rebuild dash panel that is cracking up.
in the dash.  the bezels on the other gauges were hand painted with a detail brush and flat black paint, too hard to remove now, will get more...
close up of finished air guide
old and redone side by side
Since repainted the painted shroud/rim on the back of the glass was problematic for me and I had to find a gasket to replace the thin crumbling...
I had to unscrew the face panel on the dash to remove the whole air guide housing and finally get the glass out.  The years of dirt and the rubber...
Got the metal trim "bezel" off with a rubber jar opener and a lot of twisting.  Found the tip on a TT thread, thx
opposite corner developing a crack
backer panel and face plate damage, looks like impact damage, not sure, was this way when I bought the boat.  broken pieces glued in place.
Dash Panel starting to crack
Dash Panel corner chip
Airguide Spedometers, bezel needs to be repainted, black inner mask (vinyl or paint?) is pealing off.  Need to figure out how to remove speedos. ...

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