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Boat work Manifold replacement
Replacement of exhaust manifold. Manifolds were cracked and seeping cooling water. Was able to source some Barrs manifold's at reasonable price locally in Orlando area. Everything went to plan with the exception of one bolt under one of the cracks in manifold leaked water on bolt head and deterioated it. When trying to remove it bolt head metal began flaking. Tried using next size down socket which was metric, this also wound up stripping. Continuously tried different sockets until bolt head was no longer salvagable. Used 41/2" grinder withcutting wheel to cut head off of bolt. Then removed all other bolts twisted manifold in loosening direction that in turn loosened bolt with head cutoff. Found manifold to be stuck in place around shaft of bolt. After much penetrating oil and gentle persuasion with pry bar and tapping with hammer manifold came off, revealing that the corrosion was not limited to bolt head but had also corroded shank of bolt which swelled in bore of exhaust manifold locking bolt shank to manifold. Due to being able to loosen bolt by twisting manifold in loosening direction, was able to remove what was left of bolt with vice grips. Will add pictures when able.
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