MasterCraft Unveils Gen 2 Surf System

MasterCraft Boat Company unveils the next generation in surf systems, simply called the Gen 2 Surf System. In 2009 MasterCraft introduced the first ever wake-shaping device called Surf Tabs and won the coveted NMMA Innovation Award in 2010 for this invention. In the four short years following the introduction of Surf Tabs, wakesurfing has seen unprecedented growth. As a result, MasterCraft began work on its next evolution of surf technology several months ago and today is proud to announce the arrival of the Gen 2 Surf System.

When MasterCraft set out to develop the Gen 2 Surf System, it took note of what was already available and how they could improve on what were great leaps forward in wakesurfing. First up, MasterCraft believed it was essential to have a consistent wave on both sides that had constant push five feet back AND thirty feet back. Second, this constant, stable wave had to be achieved on both sides without the need to shift weight or people. And finally, it all had to be operated with a simple push of a button. With the Gen 2 Surf System, MasterCraft has accomplished all their goals.

For those who are tempted to say Gen 2 is simply another tab, lets take a closer look. For starters, Gen 2 Surf System is more than just a wake-shaping device. In fact, unlike the one-size fits all solutions, MasterCraft realizes customization is key to creating a superior wakesurf experience. As a result, the Gen 2 Surf System is a system based on the four key components needed for an epic wakesurf session - superior hull design, customized weight, custom-designed wake shaping device and software to make it all work together seamlessly and easily.

First – MasterCraft hulls. MasterCraft has been leading the way in terms of hull designs that displace more water and create bigger wakes. One only needs to look at the success of the XStar, X46, X30, X25, X10 and X2 for proof.

Second – weight. All X Series have standard hard-tank ballast under the floor and with the optional Gen 2 Surf System, MasterCraft adds plumbed in custom made fat sacs to accomplish optimal weight for each boat. Yes – the bags are made special for each boat. And due to unequaled build quality, MasterCraft’s hulls are typically 600 to 800 pounds heavier boat length to boat length than any of its competitors. So weight: check.

Third, MasterCraft has specifically designed the Gen 2 wake shaping device for EACH model. Knowing that each hull displaces water differently, MasterCraft took every boat out on the water and custom engineered a wake shaping device for each hull to ensure each boat performed better than anything else on the market. Our engineers even took prop torque and wash into consideration, creating an asymmetrical device on the starboard side to guarantee the prop did not mess up the wake on the drivers’ side.

Finally – software. We use Murphy systems, not Medallion. This means we have an award winning team slaving away over lines of complex code so our owners only need to hit one button for their boat to be set up for surfing. Since our software ties everything together, simply tell the boat you want to surf port side and it will fill all the tanks, bags and deploy the Gen 2 wake shaping device in mere minutes. Tell it you want to go port and it changes the wake in 3 seconds.

“We are thrilled to finally introduce Gen 2 Surf System to the public,” Terry McNew President and CEO. “Our team has been hard at work over the last several months exacting this next evolution in wakesurfing. I personally have surfed every boat in our line up with Gen 2 and I can tell you it’s incredible - we can’t wait for the public to finally surf this system in a demo and see how amazing it is.”

Gen 2 Surf System is now available on these 2014 models: X2, X10, X25, X30, X46 and X55.

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