The Wilson Brothers Signed to MasterCraft Pro Waterski Team

MasterCraft Boat Company is pleased to announce the addition of Brooks and K.C. Wilson to the MasterCraft Pro Waterski Team. The brothers, branded as The Wilson Bros., bring both young life and high energy to the ski team, making the brothers an appropriate addition especially given the unparalleled hype around the all-new, award winning MasterCraft ProStar.

The eldest of the brother duo, Brooks Wilson is a fierce competitor and contender on the water. He is also a tour de force off the water, serving as an outgoing, effervescent ambassador of skiing. This passion is evident in that he finds time outside his professional career to be a world-renowned skiing coach. Now teamed up with The Boarding School in Orlando FL., Brooks trains athletes from all over the globe with the world’s best ski boat, the MasterCraft ProStar. ”For K.C. and I to align with MasterCraft is a dream come true. We can easily say we have found a home and a place we want to be to help cultivate the sport. The new ProStar is a game changer and I can't wait to start making champions with it out at The Boarding School,” said Brooks.

And then there is K.C. Wilson - an absolute powerhouse in the slalom course. With flawless style and perfect execution, it is no wonder he has won every title possible as a junior. In the fall of 2013, K.C. captured his second consecutive Collegiate National Title behind the all new ProStar making K.C. arguably one of the top young guns slated to advance the sport of waterskiing. “I am excited to begin my new venture with the team at MasterCraft. Since the release of the new ProStar, the buzz has brought about new and exciting possibilities. MasterCraft continues to drive and develop our sport in tremendous ways and I am so glad to be a part of their future,” said K.C.

Brooks and K.C. have had unrivaled contest success as junior athletes and have already made big impacts on the pro ranks. As passionate as they are about tournament skiing, they are equally passionate about bringing skiing to the people. It is clear these two have fun on the water but are a perfect balance of competition, camaraderie and commitment to spread the waterski gospel. “The value the Wilson Brothers’ bring as athletes and ambassadors of the sport is something MasterCraft admires,” comments Aarne Clow, MasterCraft Team and Event Manager. “Brooks’ fun-loving personality shines from the moment you meet him and anyone who is around K.C. loves him. But it is equally apparent how passionate they are about the sport and how much they want to see it succeed. We expect big things to come from The Wilson Bros.”

For more information on The Wilson Bros., check out their site,

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