Lake Oswego X2 Edition

MasterCraft is always listening to its dealer network for opportunities that will enable them to perform at their best. When Portland Ski Boat Center told us that they could not sell a fully optioned X2 on Lake Oswego due to weight restrictions, MasterCraft seized the opportunity to support their local dealer by advising them about certain weight saving measures available to meet the Lake Association standards. The result is a strategically optioned MasterCraft X2 that is customized for Lake Oswego residents.?

Lake Oswego X2 Edition
3,500 dry weight*?
*Basic package includes: Stereo, ZFT0 Tower w/o board racks, 5.7 Ilmor, Ballast hardware removed
*All other options not available.

Below is the un-abridged letter from MasterCraft's COO Shane Chittum to Portland Ski Boat Center's owner Mark Lawhead, sharing with him our efforts to save weight by configuring a customized and well-appointed "Lake Oswego X2 Edition".

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December 3, 2012

Mark Lawhead
Portland Ski Boat Center
6719 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR 97219

Memorandum: Regarding X-2 Weight


We understand your concerns with the weight limit on Lake Oswego and your inability to sell our fully optioned X2 because of the advertised 4300 lb. weight. The 4300 lb. weight is the fully optioned weight, and as you know we have a lot of options. The base un-optioned boat is quite light. Most of the weight can be saved by reducing the option selection. Below is a list of opportunities that we can implement for you that would allow you to sell our X2 on Lake Oswego.

X2 fully loaded with options = 4300 lbs. Now we'll work backwards.

Change from ZFT5 power tower with 4 speakers to a base tower, no speakers = 4000 lbs.

We have made great strides recently in optimizing our lamination process and reducing resin usage on the hull, deck and liners of all models. We are seeing an average of 200 lb. savings on an X2. 4000 lbs. becomes 3800 lbs.

1. Remove one battery, box, cables = 48 lbs.

2. Remove cockpit drop in carpet option = 24 lbs.

3. Remove cockpit table option = 16 lbs.

4. Remove tracking fins option = 12 lbs.

5. Remove center tab/surf tab option = 32 lbs.

6. Remove heater option = 26 lbs.

7. Remove amp/subwoofer/cables option = 19 lbs.

8. Use teak platform instead of fiberglass = 22 lbs.

9. Remove bow filler = 8 lbs.

10. Remove shower/fresh water wash down = 24 lbs.

11. Use base mirror instead of upgrade = 7 lbs.

12. Delete ballast tanks, pumps, valves, hoses = 94 lbs.

13. Select 5.7 open cooled instead of 5.7OPS = 88 lbs.

TOTAL = 420 lbs.

3800lbs. - 420lbs. = 3380 lbs.

You can hit your weight target with the 5.7L or you can save an additional 70 lbs. by selecting the 6.2L engine considering the aluminum block.


Shane Chittum
Chief Operations Officer

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