X-Star Pulls Official 1080 !!

In the long list of wakeboarding exploits, no trick torments wakeboarders more than the elusive 1080. While there have been rumored cases of riders cleanly rotating around three full times without wiping out, there are only 2 documented cases that prove it can actual happen – one in 1999 by Parks Bonifay and now by Danny Harf this past weekend. And the common denominator? Four-time Rider’s Choice Boat of the Year, the MasterCraft X-Star - the only boat that has pulled the only official 1080’s in the history of wakeboarding.

The Witnesses

Witnesses of this spectacular feat included MasterCraft athletes Andrew Adkison and Rusty Malinoski. Adkison reported by phone that Danny definitely landed a very clean heelside frontside 1080 in Clermont, Florida. And he should know… while Rusty Malinoski was at the wheel of his MasterCraft X-Star, Andrew Adkison was making his film debut behind Danny's camera. "I was about 15 minutes into my video career, so I saw it through the lens," said an excited Adkison. "I wasn't really sure what I saw so I looked over at Rusty and he had the same shocked look on his face. We weren't even sure what happened until we saw Danny celebrating."
Danny dropped the handle and the congratulatory back slapping began. Ben Greenwood, who was riding the same line behind another boat saw it all go down as well. So it was documented by four witnesses and a video camera with a rookie behind the lens. "We've watched it about ten times already," said Adkison. "Danny's not even sure what he's going to do with the footage yet. We're all just hanging out trying to soak it in."


Danny will no doubt give it another try at Parks Double or Nothing contest set to take place next week. Regardless, MasterCraft congratulates Danny Harf and his partner, the X-Star, for this incredible and historical accomplishment.
To learn more about how the X-Star pulled the 1080, click on the link below:
Wakeworld.com - 1080

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