World Cup to Celebrate 30th Stop in ChunCheon City : Korea

The Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup series will celebrate the staging of its 30th Stop in the picturesque 1,000 year-old City of ChunCheon. This city is located in the north east corner of South Korea and takes place on August 28th - 30th. This host City of the first ever World Leisure Games will welcome over 13,000 athletes from 50 countries, scheduled to compete in 15 different sports at this major international inaugural event.

ChunCheon City is also a perfect location for this 30th anniversary of the Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup. It is surrounded by lakes on the north, south and west boundaries and is home to five Universities. A very popular tourist area, it stages a wide variety of both Summer and Winter Festivals, including the Snow & Ice Festival in January. Temperatures at the end of August for the World Leisure Games are expected to be a comfortable 28-29C / 86-88F.

The Korean Waterski and Wakeboard Association (KWWA) and the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) have worked closely for over a year on the preparations for this 30th World Cup Stop. As ChunCheon City is famous for its Watersports, Spas and Hot Springs, the arrival of the World Cup will add greatly to its range of attractions. This Stop will include Wakeboard, Waterski Jump and Waterski Shortboard, also known as Tricks. Only the highest IWWF ranked athletes are eligible to compete. At this time those who have qualified for entry include World Champions and World Record Holders. They represent 17 countries including Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Singapore and USA.? As the 30th World Cup Stop, it will highlight the success of a Series which has already brought the thrills of both Waterski and Wakeboard to large audiences in China, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Qatar, Russia – and now Korea. Already, the 2011 World Cup calendar is looking promising for the future of the Series. As for all 30 World Cup Stops to date, MasterCraft will again supply the sophisticated competition boats and technical support throughout the event.

With a combination of World Cup TV News Edits transmitted via Satellite and an edited World Cup TV show, the highlights of this ChunCheon City Stop on Uiam Lake will be distributed to over 500 million viewers following the event. The World Leisure Games will also be televised live throughout South Korea.

Also featured throughout the event will be The Stars Of Florida – a spectacular Waterski Show. This will add further to the focus on this World Cup Stop in ChunCheon City.

For more information, visit: Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup

The timetable for the 30th Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Stop is as follows :

Aug. 28 – SATURDAY
09:00 – Official Practice
13:00 – World Cup Opening Ceremony
14:00 – Official Practice
19:00 – Opening Ceremony World Leisure Games

Aug. 29 – SUNDAY
09:00 – Women Wakeboard Preliminary Round
10:30 – Men Wakeboard Qualifications
13:30 – Women Shortboard/Tricks Preliminary Round
14:30 – Men Shortboard/Tricks Preliminary Round
16:30 – Women Waterski Jump Preliminary Round
17:30 – Men Waterski Jump Preliminary Round

Aug. 30 – MONDAY
09:00 – Men Wakeboard Semi Finals
10:50 – Women Shortboard/Tricks Finals
11:40 – Men Shortboard/Tricks Finals
12:30 – Women Waterski Jump Finals
13:30 – Men Waterski Jump Finals
14:30 – Women Wakeboard Finals
15:30 – Men Wakeboard Finals
17:00 – Award Ceremony – Water Sports Park
19:00 – Farewell Party Bears Hotel

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