Adkison Wins His First-Ever Tour Title

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Acworth, GA Sunday, May 07, 2006 Andrew Adkison won his first-ever MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour title today in Acworth, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. Born in neighboring state Tennessee, Adkison soared through the first Tour stop of the year winning his final match up of the day beating JD Webb. Seeded #2, Adkison, a MasterCraft team rider, knocked off the #1 seed of the contest Daniel Watkins in today's semifinals before beating the #5 seed Webb. He also had to beat the #3 seed Danny Harf in the quarterfinals. Adkison now takes the lead on the season-long Indmar Performance Award which signifies the season Tour champion. This weekend, the tour debuted its new competition format where each rider in the field is seeded and placed into two 16-seeded brackets. Single elimination in head-to-head match-ups bring the field down to a round of 16, 8, 4 and then a match-up of the winning riders from each bracket. Judging by reaction of the riders and fans along the shore, the format was a huge success. The next stop on the Pro Tour is Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, June 10-11. The venue in the Twin Cities will be Island Lake Park in Shoreview. MasterCraft is the exclusive towboat for the Pro Tour as it has been since the Tour's wakeboarding events began in 1992. Indmar Marine Engines provides the power for MasterCraft's line of competition towboats, the X Series. The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour is a five-event circuit organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Florida. The Pro Tour has the support of the following: Verizon Wireless, U.S Air Force, Circuit City, Rip It Energy Fuel, Sea Doo watercraft, Billabong, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Perfect Pass, Infinity Marine Audio, Liquid Force, Gator Boards, CWB, J-Star, Oakley, Reef, Epiphone Guitars,,, and One Percent Design. Rip It energy fuel is the exclusive sponsor of the JX Series, the proving ground for amateur male riders 18-under. WakeBoarding, published by World Publications, is the official magazine of the Pro Wakeboard Tour. WakeBoarding magazine is the definitive source on all things wakeboarding, with expert coverage of professional instruction, gear, boats and the latest news. Pro Men Finals (seed in parenthesis) (2) Andrew Adkison 100 (5) JD Webb 90 Pro Men Semifinals (seed in parenthesis) Bracket A: (2) Andrew Adkison 97.5 (1) Daniel Watkins 92.5 Bracket B: (5) JD Webb 100 (3) Tino Santori 90 Pro Men Quarterfinals (seed in parenthesis) Bracket A: (1) Daniel Watkins 98.5 (4) Erik Ruck 91.5 (2) Andrew Adkison 100 (3) Danny Harf 90 Bracket B: (5) JD Webb 100 (8) Jeff Weatherall 90 (3) Tino Santori 96 (10) Shane Bonifay 94 Pro Women Finals 1. Dallas Friday 70.0 2. Melissa Marquardt 52.67 3. Lauren Loe 50.0 4. Emily Copeland Durham 45.00 Jr. Men Finals 1. Adam Errington 71.33 2. Rhett Whatley 59.67 3. Jimmy Lariche 59.22 4. Bryan Hutton 55.00 5. Alex Hamrick 51.67 6. Bradey Price 39.44 7. Brett Lee 33.89 8. Ryan Anderson 28.33 Pro Wakeskating Finals 1. Reed Hansen 98.67 2. Brian Grubb 56.67

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