Winter Storage - General Power Package Preparation

Make sure that your power packages are properly prepared for the long winter storage. Shown below are a few simple steps to ensure your MasterCraft boat is well primed for the next boating season. Step 1:Lubricate the throttle and shift linkages

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Winter Storage - Fuel System

Storage or winter lay-up requires special preparation to preventdamage to your MasterCraft boat. Since winter storage is an annual event, itpresents an excellent opportunity to perform the annual maintenanceat this time. In this article, we will be discussing Fuel System

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Wake Surfing 101

Water lovers with ocean envy are getting hooked on wake surfiing and creating their own mini-waves with their MasterCraft boats. Here's the low-down on the basics:SPEED: Relatively slow - about 10 mph - to churn up big wakes without outrunning

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Boat Steering Rules

Any time two vessels on the water meet one another, one vessel has the right-of-way. It is called the stand-on vessel. The vessel that does not have the right-of-way is called the give-way or burdened vessel.These rules determine which vessel

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Check The Ballast Pump Impeller

This applies only to boats equipped with some type of ballast system. The number of ballast pumps varies from system to system. You may need guidance from your Dealer to locate any and all pumps.Step 1: Remove two of the

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Change The Engine Oil

In order to thoroughly drain all the old oil, you will need to run the boat engine long enough to reach at least 140 degrees F (approximately three minutes in most applications), before changing the oil. Do not run your

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Reading Buoys & Markers

The waters of the United States are marked for safe navigation by thelateral system of buoyage. The markers and buoys you will encounter have anarrangement of shapes, colors, numbers and lights to show which side of thebuoy a boater should

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Lubricate The Shift & Throttle System

Because this process should be completed while all moving components of the drive train are not in motion, we recommend you do this while the boat is out of the water.Step 1: Ensure the engine is OFF and disconnect the

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Multi-Function Gauge

This gauge provides several functions of interest and support to the boater. As a tachometer, it indicates the engine speed in crankshaft revolutions per minute (RPM).Propeller shaft RPM is the same as the engine rotation except for boats equipped with the

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Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge indicates the cooling water temperature inside the engine as measured in degrees Fahrenheit. The normal operating temperature will range from 140 degrees to 190 degrees. Engines with electronic fuel injection also have a control circuit inside the

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    Looks like your gonna make her better than new. Great work....

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    Nice looking wheels. :rolleyes:...

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  • MasterCraft Australia Pulled the Championships

    MasterCraft Australia has been busy after successfully pulling both the National Tournament Waterski Championships and the National Wakeboard Championships.And, this was all on top of the Australian Open Waterski Championships. No other boat company ...

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    The 1st annual Pass the Handle — Discover Water Sports Day will take place at a lake near you on July26, 2014. This is an incredible awareness-driven concept drawn up by legendary wakeboarders Shaun Murray and Zane Schwenk, encompassing any t...

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