A bow thruster allows for greater maneuverability, especially in tight quarters such as while docking the boat. 

2017 Boat Models: Installed on X46 and X26, as an option.


The port and starboard jets are located near the bow, just under the waterline. The water pump is remote-mounted with the outlet plumbed to a “Y” valve that diverts the water to each jet. The thrusters are controlled by a joystick on the driver’s armrest. 


When the joystick is moved left or right, the bow of the boat moves port or starboard respectively. The joystick controls the “Y” valve, which (when fully opened) to one side or the other, energizes the electric water pump. The thrust developed by the pump is diverted by the “Y” valve to the opposite side, causing the bow to move away from the thrust. 

Operate the thruster in pulses of a few seconds or more. However, do not operate for more than thirty (30) seconds continuously at one time. Allow some cooling time between periods of heavy usage. 

If the pump overheats, a thermal protector will shut down the pump for approximately ten (10) minutes to allow the motor to cool. It then resets automatically. 


  • If the joystick is unresponsive, check that the bow thruster battery switch is ON. If it is on, check the circuit breaker box to be certain that it has not tripped. 
  • If the pump runs when moving the joystick, but no action results, check that the inlet and outlet valves are open. 
  • If the joystick, pump and valves are all operational but there is still no action, check to be certain there is no debris in the inlet screen. 
  • If the bow thruster still is not operating properly, take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft dealer because other potential solutions are in areas of the boat not accessible to the consumer.