All major 2017MY boat circuits are protected from shorting and overload by resettable circuit breakers. When an electrical fault is detected, mechanical switch circuit breakers will “trip” and automatically interrupt the flow of electricity. In a circuit breaker, when the electrical flow exceeds specified design tolerances, the electromagnetic bar snaps and cuts off further electrical passage. (The 2017MY XStar features a complex, digital operation instead, with the same purpose.) This can be extremely important in protecting persons on-board and also in preventing electrical fires.

In a water setting, it is especially important to avoid electrical shocks. As a result, MasterCraft utilizes GFI, or Ground Fault Interruption, circuit breaker boards (except in the 2017MY XStar). These are solid-state devices that sense when there is a ground fault, which often occurs in instances involving water penetration.

Circuit breakers are preferred over fuses in boats for most operations because each fuse is usable only once. When the electrical flow is interrupted through a fuse, it then has to be replaced rather than reset. However, there are a few instances in which a fuse is preferable.

Access to these fuses is very limited and they should be replaced by an authorized MasterCraft Dealer. Currently, the fuses are for amps at the battery switch panel, and in-line fuses for the fuel pump at the engine.

The main circuit breaker board is located under the dash panel closeout, facing aft. The exceptions are the 2017MY XStar, which does not have this panel, and the 2017MY ProStar, where it is located on the starboard side of the walk-thru to the bow area. In some models, there is an additional breaker panel to assist with the accessory load. Where equipped, the second panel is located near the battery box. If the boat’s accessories are malfunctioning, check the breaker panel and reset breakers as necessary.

The 2017 XStar features digital switching. Instead of a breaker panel, there are four (4) PDM breakers and a main breaker that are located on the battery shut-off switch panel beneath the port aft seating.

On all 2017 models except the XStar, if a problem develops with one of the circuits, switch the circuit OFF and wait for approximately one (1) minute. Then fully push the appropriate breaker button and switch the circuit back ON. If the circuit continues to trip, there is a problem somewhere that must be attended to immediately. See your authorized MasterCraft service department to resolve this matter.

On the 2017 XStar, turn OFF the controlling switch; i.e., if the courtesy lights are not working, turn OFF the Courtesy Light switch. Allow a few seconds for the digital switching to reset, and then turn back ON. If the electrical function does not reset, see your authorized MasterCraft service department to resolve the issue.

Anytime a circuit breaker repeatedly trips, it is indicative of a situation that requires prompt attention. The boat should be presented to an authorized MasterCraft Dealer for service prior to returning the boat to use.