By popular demand, the X2 is back and better than ever. At 20 feet, it turns on a dime in the water and fits easily in your garage at the end of the day. There’s plenty of room for 11 people—with the crossover capabilities to ski, wakeboard and roll out surf waves all summer long. Match it up with MasterCare and Ilmor power and you have a comeback for the ages.



Boat length 20' 0" / 6.10 M
Beam 96" / 2.44 M
Interior width * 84" / 2.13 M
Weight 4300 LBS / 1950 KG
Fuel capacity 42 GAL / 159 L
Draft 27" / .69M
Capacity 1446 LBS / 656 KG
Boat height ** 111"
Hull Vector Drive
Seating 11 People
Color options Infinite
Storage 76 cu Ft / 2.15 cu M
WakeThick - Rampy Wake w/ Crisp Lip
Flat - Slalom/Clean Wake
Surf - Powerful Wake Shape
ActivitySlalom Ski - Open Water
Wakeboard - Recreation (18-22 mph)
Starting from USA MSRP $84,310
* Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel.
** Boat Height specs reflect the height of a ZFT4 tower to the lowest point of the boat's running gear.
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